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With the grace and blessings of God, sailing back to 2010's on a peaceful morning, Mr Nasser Al Yazji and. Mr Ghassan Chehadeh together formed a contracting company in the name of Al Bawadi Road Contracting L.L.C.
When I look back at our humble beginnings, I can hardly believe our business and UAE have come so far, so fast. We have faced many challenges in our journey to excellence and we have been always competent enough to surpass them.
Today the world is moving towards the innovations in digital technology and evolution of mobile communication. All the countries in the globe were challenged due to the globalization and liberalizations. Due to our feet firmly on the ground and our vision far beyond the horizon, we will continue to be a partner in this development of the United Arab Emirates. For the last few years, our Company has moved through immense stages from inception to its growth and expansion. Our Company itself has witnessed and is still witnessing major developmental activities in the construction sector. With the growth of Dubai as the commercial hub of the region, the Company has emerged as a strong The flag off to our growth started in the year 2010. Today, Al Bawadi Road Contracting is set to expand its influence in Dubai as well as to other parts of UAE,

Insha Allah.

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